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Pearl Jam closed the Austin City Limits Festival which ran from 2 – 4th October 2009.

Eddie Vedder laced a series of steely guitar runs through opener “Why Go?” and slashed a jagged path up the center of “Corduroy.” What was most breathtaking about the set list was its brute, blunt force, and the ferocity with which the band tore into the songs.

Rolling Stone Magazine noted “The group’s reliance on classic material afforded an opportunity to see how much they’ve grown. Taken on its own “The Fixer (lyrics),” the sterling new single from Backspacer, is a charmer, Vedder wandering through the world and setting aright all of the things that seem askew (”When something’s cold/let me put a little fire on it”). But coming as it did between a scorching “State of Love and Trust” and a volcanic, borderline-hardcore take on “Go,” the song’s steely optimism felt that much more earned”.

Pearl Jam’s Set List Austin City Limit Festival:

“Why Go?”
“Got Some”
“Not For You”
“Modern Girl” (snippet)
“Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”
“Given to Fly”
“World Wide Suicide”
“Even Flow”
Unthought Known” (lyrics)
“WMA” (Partial)
“Hail, Hail”
“Present Tense”
“State of Love & Trust”
“The Fixer”
“Red Mosquito” (with Ben Harper)
“Do the Evolution”
“The Real Me” (The Who Cover)
“Mountain Song” (Jane’s Addiction cover with Perry Farrel)
“Rockin’ in the Free World” (Neil Young cover)

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