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The Fixer Lyrics
Pearl Jam.

The Fixer is the first single off Pearl Jam's new album Backspacer.

Featuring lyrics written by vocalist
Eddie Vedder and music co-written by drummer Matt Cameron and guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard.

When asked the question is Eddie the "The Fixer" referred to in the song's title, Vedder stated:
My answer is, aren't we all? Maybe I'm wrong to think that, but it seems like we are...I'm thinking more on a worldview or a community view. I read this quote from Rick Danko, maybe from before
The Last Waltz. He said, "We used to think with music that we could save the world, but now we're old enough and wise enough to know that all we can change is our community." Well, then it turns out that our community is a fairly large one. I think it's a classic kind of man/woman thing, and this is where it's not necessarily a positive trait to always try to be fixing things." Eddie then refered to how his follow up song will be called The Listener and wil be an intrumental as by being the listener he wouldn't talk....

'The Fixer' Lyrics

When somethings dark
Lemme shed a little light on it
When somethings cold
Lemme put a little fire on it
If somethings old
I wanna put a little shine on it
When somethings gone
I wanna fight to get it back again.
When somethings broke
I wanna put a little fixing on it
If somethings bored
I wanna put a little exciting on it
When somethings low
I wanna put a little high on it
When somethings lost
I wanna fight to get it back again
When signals cross
I wanna put a little straight on it
If there’s no love
I’m gonna try to love again
I’ll say your prayers
I’ll take your side
I’ll find us a way to make light
I’ll dig your grave
We’ll dance & sing.
Who knows, could be our last lifetime!


  1. Fixer? sounds like they are doing a coldplay...

    1. Dude what kind of accident were you in? You lost both ears and your brain, but you're still alive? Holy shit

  2. First line is:
    When something's dull, let me shed a little light on it.

    Otherwise very very good. I think that's 100% correct after my correction.

  3. You can almost make a case for:
    "When something's dark, let me shed a little light on it"

    It's hard to say for sure - Eddie sure does mumble a lot!

  4. i think its different to all the other song's Eddie has written and sang, but sometimes experiementing is not so bad. Good One Eddie.

    Can't wait to see you in Australia Melbourne for the Nov concert.


  5. Its obviously "when something's dark" otherwise it wold make very little sence

  6. "I will find us a way to make light", not "I promise a way to make light"

  7. Do any of the lyrics make that much difference anyway? Once they start playing them live the lyrics will be different each time it is played.

  8. I'm not huge PJ fan, but I love this one! It's so powerfull and relentlesly optimistic :)
    This is my dedication for S. :)


  9. If you're reading this, band members, thanks for all the music.

  10. I have lost a lot this year, a job, a dear sister, friends moving to keep jobs...I fought to keep my man in the mist of it all...this song will stick me forever. Thanks PJ...Ex EastCoaster in Seattle

  11. If somethings old
    I wanna put a bit of shine on it

    When somethings broke
    I wanna put a bit of fixing on it

  12. the song has very deep meaning of change or changing things from bad to better well done Eddie you are great song writer.

    said han

  13. I hope the next single is Unthought Known. It is the best song off Backspacer!

  14. i thought Eddie says "when something's dull I wanna put a little shiner on it" ??

  15. Yeah yeah yeah...fight to get it back again!
    Oh, the joys of being in your mid-40s and wondering what the *bleep* happened to your life. Reflecting upon the legacies left to you and the legacies you'll leave behind. Strange place to be.

  16. Once I heard that the vocalist of Pearl Jam was in a drugstore and he did buy viagra but he quickly hid it, do you think he needs this pill to rock and roll at night?

  17. "When somethings up, let me shed a little light on it". That to me makes more sense. I know he mumbles a little here or there but there is no way on this earth he is singing "dark" in that sentence. Shedding light on something is about clearing something up. Cheery!