Backspacer Track Listing Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam have announced a batch of fresh tour dates to celebrate the release of their new album Backspacer, due out September 20th. The album’s first single “The Fixer” will hit radio on July 20th.

The American chain store, Target will have the exclusive mass retail rights to the album, with Pearl Jam’s own Ten Club and independent record stores also stocking their shelves with Backspacer on September 20th.

Here's the track listing for Pearl Jam's new album Backspacer 2009.

1. “Gonna See My Friend”

2. “Got Some”

3. “The Fixer”

4. “Johnny Guitar”

5. “Just Breathe”

6. “Amongst The Waves”

7. “Unthought Known”

8. “Supersonic”

9. “Speed Of Sound”

10. “Force Of Nature”

11. “The End”

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  1. pearl jam has been my favorite band since aug 27th 1991 when 10 debuted